The first term is finished. There are two weeks of holidays in front of you, so you'll have enough time for everything that you like. Spend it with pleasure! Sleep well, eat in time, communicate with friends and walk in the street!


This is the first time we have day off on the 25th of December and can celebrate Christmas together with all Christians from other countries. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!


Task for the 31 group that I told you about Home task "Natural Disasters"


Required task    42 group
Don't forget to do the tasks of the previous home assignment as you hadn't done them for the last lesson. Here are some new tasks to do.
Optional task   31 group
Today you presented short reports on the weirdest animals. Some of them can be found in oceans and seas, some - in some exotic corners of the Earth, others have already extinct and cannot be seen anymore. Most of them are ugly, but Mother Nature has created so many beautiful ones! Just look at them!


Required task   31 group
Here are some more tasks for doing at home. They are not difficult at all and I hope it will take only 20-15 minutes to do them. Don't forget to prepare a brief report (6-7 sentences) about some strange, weird, unusual or extinct animal
Tasks on Nature and environment


Required Task   42 group
Here are some tasks to do at home. Don't forget to print the Form B out (we'll need it later during the lessons). Do reading comprehension tasks


Required task    31 group
Here is your home assignment for the next lesson. There are some lexical exercises and some grammar ones on Conditional Sentences Type III. Write down only the answers into your copy-books.

Required task   22, 23, 24 groups
I hope that you remember about our deal - you have to finish the grammar exercise we were working on during the last lesson. Here is also a grammar table to help you.
Optional task   22, 23, 24 groups
We have finished working on topic Family and Friends but some of you failed the test work. If you want to get an extra grade and improve your topic evaluation mark - do these extra tasks and send your answers to the teacher.Do both of them!


Сьогодні учні 21, 23 та 24 груп взяли участь у математичному змаганні у формі брейн-рингу, питання якого потребували уваги, кмітливості і знань історії математики. У запеклій боротьбі перемогла команда 21 групи - філологи!!! Другою за результатом була команда учнів 23 групи "3+2", і не дуже пощастило учням 24 групи, але вони боролися гідно і до кінця. Сподіваюся, всі отримали масу позитивних емоцій!


Optional task   31 group
You can get wet through if you are caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella because you haven’t taken it with you. Or you can put on a sweater and then find that the weather has become hot. We do not always know what weather to expect.
On TV and radio there are daily weather forecasts. Sometimes, the forecast is not quite right as the weather is not an easy thing to forecast. Let’s see if you can do that. Make your own forecast for New Year’s Day and in a bit more than a month we’ll see if it is true.


Required task   32 group
We are going to speak about food. Nowadays people’s lifestyles and eating habits are changing and people's diets are getting different. Very often we don't have the time or talent to cook full meals. But we can just cook pasta, salad, rice, pizza and stuff or you can heat up a frozen meal or order a take-away.
But before talking about all that we need to remind names of basic products. Use the pictures to revise them.


Запрошую учнів взяти участь у VIII Всеукраїнській грі з англійської мови «PUZZLE»!
   У 2017/2018 навчальному році Гру «PUZZLE» буде проведено у період з 18 по 23 лютого 2018 року. Участь у ній добровільна та платна — 17,00 грн. за одного учасника.
    Учасниками Гри можуть бути учні 3–11-х класів загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів усіх типів та форм власності. Усі координатори та учасники Гри одержать сертифікати, переможці — дипломи та подарунки.

До уваги одинадцятикласників
Для успішного складання ЗНО з англійської мови необхідно серйозно та ретельно готуватися до нього. Оскільки у цьому році ЗНО буде проводитися в оновленому форматі, саме час ретельно проаналізувати зміни, та ще раз докладно розібратися з тим, яких саме типів завдань треба очікувати на ЗНО 2018. Отже, дамо слово людям, які безпосередньо відповідають за проведення ЗНО або залучені до складання завдань чи перевірки робіт.

Ось так буває ... Слухаєш музику, дивишся відео кліп до пісні і раптом розумієш, що це твоє місто, вулиці, якими ти ходиш кожного дня і пейзажі, що ти постійно бачиш і до яких уже звик, зняті у кліпі. А ось і знайомі обличчя його жителів. Ой, а це ж наші учні у кадрі!!!

Тому ... слухайте пісню і шукайте себе, своїх друзів та знайомих на відео.


Required task   31 group

We are finishing our work on topic Food and now it's time for summing up all learned before. Next lesson you will have a test on this topic (revise cooking verbs, word expressions, phrasal verbs and all lexical units from our copies and your notes in a vocabulary) and present your own ideas about your eating habits. Here are some extra materials to help you.
Read those two texts and do tasks on them.
Some articles that may help you to shape your ideas about your eating habits and way of life
5 Healthy Eating Habits So Simple, You Can Start Today!


Required task   31 group
We have already discussed peculiarities of British and Ukrainian cuisines and some ways of cooking different dishes. But it's not enough to prepare food, it's also very important to serve it correctly and lay the table nicely. Here are some names of cutlery, plates, glasses and table decorations. Also, you can see here some beautiful pictures of tables laid for some festive event.
Please, think about some holiday that you like and write a composition about dishes you will cook and the way you are going to decorate the table.



Required task   22, 23, 24 groups
Here is your home task for the next lesson. We go on practicing different grammar tenses and now it's time to revise Passive Voice forms. Let's do some exercises on Present Continuous Passive
31 група, у вас на понеділок заміна - третій урок - англійська мова, це трохи неочікувано тому ми скоротимо ваше Д.з - виконайте лише граматичні завдання з попереднього поста для 31 та 32 групи завдання з підручника Несвіт
Required task   31, 32 group
If you want to practice using Conditional Sentences before having a test - here are some extra exercises with self-checking. Do as many of them as you need to see if you get them right.


Required task    42 group
Your home assignment for the next lesson: some exercises on "Have smth done" (online and for writing down into your copy-book); some simple tasks on reading.