On April 28 in Slavutych Lyceum there was the fourth session of presenting research works of ten-formers of Slavutych Lyceum. We started on April 25 and have already enjoyed students' projects in Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. Today it was turn for  Ukrainian language, Ukrainian and Foreign Literatures and English.
Three students have been working on their projects since the beginning of October 2015 and today finally we could see the results of their work. The topics of the projects were:
Nagieva Vusala: "The variants of modern English language"
Antonets Polina: " The most known private schools of Great Britain"
Bukharin Dmytro: "Mystical places of Great Britain"

All the projects were done and presented on a very high level, so students got the highest grades!
Nagieva Vusala - 12Antonets Polina - 11Bukharin Dmytro - 11.                       Well done! 
More information in Ukrainian (українською)
Nagieva Vusala
On this day there was a meeting of an honourable guest from Japan Megumi Sugimoto with the senior students of Slavutych Lyceum and some representatives of other schools. 
Students had chance to know more about surviving in different dangerous situations, to ask different questions about life in Japan, circumstances of nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima, and to communicate with the foreigner in English.


30 years have passed since the day that divided lives of thousands of people into "before" and "after". 30 years ago the greatest man-made catastrophe happened at Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant 

Short video, made by pupils   of Slavutych Lyceum   to   Commemorate 30th Anniversary of Chornobyl Nuclear Accident , which tells about the catastrophe at Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and about life of two satellite towns - Pripjat  and Slavutych


To know more about William Shakespeare ...
To commemorate the 400 Anniversary of His Death and celebrate His Birthday...To read in English ...
To study English through literary works and just for pleasure -
join the resorces dedicated to William Shakespeare on Twitter

Even Google makes a hint!
In Ukraine the 23rd of April is proclamed the Day of English Language. It's a new holiday and I'm afraid not all of you know about it, but you can guess that it is somehow connected with William Shakespeare. Do you know how exectly?


Congratulations to Slavutych Lyceum Team on winning the second place in 
 Literary Contest "In the languages of Shakespeare and Shevchenko"
Today we all became the participants of a great event - interschool Literary Contest "In the languages of Shakespeare and Shevchenko". All teams have been preparing for this contest since its announcement in the end of January (About event    Rules of the contest). 
As for me I enjoyed the performance very much! Great introduction of the teams, touching poems and professional reciting them, interesting and spectacular presentations about English sites and cultural features. All participants have done a great job! Thank you for this excellent event!
                                  Here you can read more detailed report in Ukrainian 
Enjoy the Multilinguals Team performance 

R. Kipling "If" performed by 
Karibova Viktoria (31 group)
Читає Данило Сивка (11 група)

The Lost Gardens of Heligan. 

14.04.2016            The Fifth Scientific Conference
The Fifth Scientific Conference of pupils of 8-11 forms took place on the fourteenth of October 2016 in the Conference Hall of Slavutych City Council. Two pupils of the 43 group of lyceum presented their research projects, group of four students presented their video about Chornobyl and Slavutych, two students had made a special booklet about ChNPP and our town. Altogether students of lyceum got 9 diplomas.


Тим, хто готується до ЗНО та ДПА з англійської мови.
Зараз у Вас є ще додаткові можливості перевірити свої знання. Якщо Ви пройшли пробне тестування безпосередньо 9 квітня, Ви могли бачити всю процедуру тестування, порядок дій комісії та учнів, могли зрозуміти для себе, як раціональніше розподілити час на виконання завдань, побачити рівень завдань. Тепер, щоб повправлятися лише у виконанні завдань для вас доступні такі ресурси:
We can not only learn but also work in team and have fun!!!
Volunteer clean-up


Увага!!!         02.04.2016 
у приміщенні Славутицького ліцею відбудеться пробне тестування (пробне ЗНО) з української мови. Допуск учнів до пункту тестування буде відкрито з 10:15 до 10:50
учень повинен мати з собою:
-паспорт або свідоцтво про народження;
-запрошення на тестування (можна також взяти квитанцію про оплату, але це не обов'язково);
-чорну ручку (краще декілька);
-можна мати з собою питну воду у прозорій пляшці.