Required task   31 group
I will be very surprised if you make mistakes in exercises on singular and plural forms of nouns or countable and uncountable nouns. Just in case you have forgotten some little details-study this articles and videos (optional task) And don't forget to do grammar exercises! 
Required task   42 group
During the last lesson, you were working on a kind of practical task on family problems and misunderstanding between parents and their children. You had done all lexical and grammar tasks by the end of the lesson but we made a deal that the last task would be done at home.
So, I'm reminding you of that. Here are 4 parts depicting different problems and generation gaps. Chose one of them that you understand clearly and write 7-8 sentences about it. 


Optional task   31 group
Sport is an essential part of life of many people so, no wonder that people wrote a lot of songs about it. Some songs have already become legendary anthems of sportsmen or their fans and are always performed during sport games or other competitive events. Here are some of them.

Kids' song about sport
Queen-We are the champions
Queen-We will rock you
Optional task   31 group
During our lessons we have talked about different kinds of sport, sportswear, equipment for doing sports, advantages and disadvantages of being professional sportsman. Here are some materials to revise what we have been talking about up to now.
Optional task   22, 23, 24 groups

Do you remember that your test marks on topic "Professions" were not that high and some students were disappointed and asked for the second chance? Here it is. If you want to get one more mark that may save your topic evaluation - do all three parts of this home test-work and be ready to explain later in person why you have chosen this or that answer.
As I told you many times - you should work very hard by yourselves if you want to succeed at exam


Наш Славутич - наш дім!
Сьогодні поділилися з учнями групи нашими думками щодо міста, в якому ми живемо. Чим є Славутич для нас … за що ми його любимо, що хотілося б змінити … Улюблені місця міста та події … Вирішили з дітьми на канікулах, коли буде більше вільного часу зробити слайд-шоу з фотографій нашого міста.


Required task   42 group
Reading task for practicing. Download this file and do tasks 1-3 for the next lesson
Required task    32 group
What do you want to be when you are older?
Here are some pictures with names of professions to help you with your homework

Required task     31 group
As I saw you liked the pictures on the grammar card we were working on during last lesson. I'm placing them here for you and now you can print them out for yourself. Also here is your home task on "play, do, go" for the next lesson


Дякую всім, хто взяв участь у першому (ліцейському) етапі Всеукраїнської учнівської олімпіади з англійської мови. У цьому році 35 учнів І-ІV курсів змагалися за перемогу, показавши високий рівень володіння англійською мовою, вміння виконувати завдання з аудіювання та читання, творчий підхід при виконанні завдань з письма та говоріння. Продовжуємо працювати з переможцями І етапу та готуємося до виступу на міському етапі!


Lexical task    22, 23, 24 groups
Some phrasal verbs with their meaning


Required task    31 group
Even if you don’t do any sports you hear their names from time to time. How many names do you remember? Let’s watch some videos and see. Your home assignment for the next lesson

Write down names of extremal kinds of sport
Write down names of ordinary sports

How to speak about sport (write the phrases down)
Revise how to use "do", "play" and "go"
Required task   22, 23, 24 groups
Unfortunately, there are not enough grammar exercises in your textbook, so here are some more tasks for practicing. Study the rules, do exercises online and if you succeed do your home task and write down the answers into your copy-books 
If you are ready now - do this exercise and write the answers down into your copybook



Нагадую учням ліцею, що 11.10.17 відбудеться І (ліцейський) етап Всеукраїнської учнівської олімпіади з англійської мови. Всіх бажаючих взяти участь і випробувати свої сили чекаємо у каб.208 на 7 та 8 уроці!
Чекаю на вас і бажаю успіху!!!


Required task   31 group (home assignment)
There is no doubt that sport is very important in our life. Someone does sport every day to stay fit or to become professional sportsman. Others do it just for fun. Also there are people who just pretend doing sports while indeed they are couch potatoes. What is your attitude to sport? Are you a sporty person? Here are some tasks for doing at home


Під час інструктажу ми обговорювали з вами правила поведінки під час пожежі та правила евакуації з приміщення школи. Хочу ще раз нагадати вам про них