Optional task     12, 13, 14 group                                Self-work. Passive
If you got not very high grade for your self-work on Passive here is your second chance. Revise grammar rules how to use and how to build Passive constructions. Better use this chance at least to practice before the test-work
If you have forgotten how to build Passive constructions here are some hints.
30.01.2017  у 13 групі було проведено виховну годину «Переробка ТПВ – шлях до чистоти нашого міста». Т.Ф. Алених ознайомила учнів з екологічним проектом «Еcotown / Дізнавайся! Дій!», який отримав грант у Відкритому конкурсі на отримання грантів Славутицького міського голови і стартував у ліцеї в кінці 2016 року.  Учні отримали інформаційний буклет «Маленька батарейка та її велика шкода для навколишнього середовища» та дізналися про те, що в ліцеї виготовлено та встановлено ємність для збору відпрацьованих батарейок й акумуляторів. Долучаймося до правильної утилізації акумуляторів та пластику!


HAVE   FUN                             For food-loving 32 group
Required task    22, 23 groups

Next time we'll learn how to write e-mails. I'm sure you have already written some but during the lessons we'll discuss how to do it in the best way. To get prepared for our class work, please, do such home tasks
1) exercise 6 (page 108)
2) exercise 4 (page 113)


Optional task   12, 13, 14
Don't forget to prepare yourself for the self-work. Here are some exercises to do. You can get instant answers and check if you have got the material well enough.


Required task   22, 23
Your home assignment for the next lesson is:
1. Do exercise 1 (page 112), exercise 6 (page100) from your text book in written
2. Watch the video about life in 2050 and complete the list of different types of glasses that will exist then.
3. Watch the second video "Awesom New Technology" and see what other gadgets have already appeared.

Future World 2050 - A Day In The Future
Awesome New Technology
Required task   12, 13, 14 groups
As you remember we have been working on texts and tasks about schools in different countries. Some groups have already read stories about British schools and even Japanese ones, others have just started this work. So, I offer you just to watch the videos about Japanese schools because they are very different from ours. There is no any task to do - just watch them, enjoy and try to remember the most catching facts


22 January - Ukrainian Unity Day (Day, that Reunited two parts of Ukraine in one State in 1919)

20.01.2017   За традицією на День Соборності України учні Славутицького ліцею створили живий ланцюг, об’єднавши дві сторони закладу на знак єдності східних і західних земель нашої країни. Учні 13 групи взяли активну участь у акції.
22.01.2017  Учні ліцею долучилися до міської акції "Ланцюг єдності" з нагоди відзначення Дня Соборності України і створили живий ланцюг єдності.


Нещодавно я натрапила на статтю, яка трохи поколивала мою впевненність у власному розумінні англійської граматики. Звикнувши, що є іменники, які вживаються тільки у однині або тільки у множині я забула, що існують іменники, які в залежності від змісту речення можуть вживатися і в множині і в однині. Давайте разом пригадаємо, як ними оперувати
Збірні іменники в англійській мові


Required task        32 group
Your home assignment for the next lesson:
1. Read both texts about Judith and Adam and do tasks from cards A and B
2. Do exercise on Mixed conditionals
3. Watch the video about Ukrainian restaurant Kolyba and write down all the names of dishes you have heard
4. Listen to a funny song about food. I recommend you to translate the Lyrics. It can enrich your vocabulary very much. Lyrics to the song

Kolyba restaurant
Food Glorious Food
Required task    12, 13, 14 groups
Let's sing! Sing about school subjects!!! Sing for pleasure but translate for lesson! Do your homework carefully. Translate lyrics to YOUR part of song.
12 group - translate verse about PHYSICS or MATH
13 group - translate verse about CHEMISTRY or BIOLOGY
14 group - translate verse about MATH
Don't forget to write your translation into your copy-books!

Don't forget to push Like button below this video if it made you smile 


Required task    12, 13, 14 groups

We have already watched one video about British schools and I hope you understood everything and liked it. Here is another short video and some questions you should answer after watching it. Hope, you will like it too.

Questions to answer:
1. Who helps children to cross the road?
2. How do pupils get to school?
3. What do pupils in many schools start their school day with?
4. What do children do after lunch?


Required task    32 group
Hope you are not hungry because we'll speak about food again.
Upload those materials to your smartphone or tablet because we'll need them during our next lessons. Also don't forget to read the text about vegetarians (only the first about Judith) and work on card B after the text.
Book 2

Required task     41 group
We have started speaking about travelling but haven't got enough time to write down all necessary items (you know why). Here is some extra material for learning.
Oh, I remember that someone complained that we haven't learned names of different means of transport. It was surprising, but if you really need to revise those names there are some pictures that may help you.
So, your home assignment is:
1. Revise the lexical units that you have forgotten
2. Complete the list of travelling idioms and read the dialogue from the card
3. Watch the video and enlarge the list of idioms
4. Do exercises A, B, D (page 21) from Laser B2


Have you said Thank You today? It is International Thank You Day!
Thank You! This simple phrase in English and its variant in all languages of the world has been recognized with a special day unofficially recognized worldwide to build the culture of expressing appreciation to others.
Don’t forget to thank at least you dear people 


If you have much free time and don’t know what to do on winter holidays I can offer you some article with a lot of ideas How to Avoid Being Bored When You Have Nothing to Do.  
If you are not ready for so time-consuming activities – doing simple crossword can entertain you.
Let it be your holiday home task.


Singing on holidays is great but cooking is much better and more useful. Christmas is a family holiday and it's time for family meetings and large family meals. Do you like cooking? Have you got any family recipe? Maybe it’s time to try something new? Here are some Christmas desserts which are easy to cook. I will be very glad if you share your recipes with me.


If you like singing - it's time to enjoy it! I'd like to offer you the most famous Christmas songs in English. Read the lyrics, learn some new words (and some units of old English) and enjoy the singing!


During holidays you at last have enough time for hobbies and DIY projects. As I have told you I have to restore my blog now and that broke all my plans for little pleasant handmade things. Maybe you would like to try some DIY?

Нажаль, через технічний збій було втрачено весь архів зображень. Я працюю над його відновленням, і вже «полікувала» пости за два останніх місяці, але цей процес буде тривалим. Поки що замість зображень у старих постах будуть відображатися пусті значки, але, сподіваюся, це не на довго.
Минулий рік закінчився теж з технічними проблемами, що перешкодили роботі над відео-гідом. Те, що вдалося врятувати - тут Залишки відео-гіда