Required task       43 group
Your home assignment for the next lesson is to write a dialog “In a restaurant”. You may use an exercise from your textbook as a sample but watching those videos would be also useful. Watch all of them and maybe you will find something interesting
At The Restaurant 
How to order at a restaurant

Fast Food Restaurant
Don't forget to download the necessary texts and take them to the next lesson (you may upload them to your mobile device or print them out)


12 ways to improve your English outside the classroom
1.     Agree with friends to speak only English at specific times, such as after the lesson, on the way home, or on a specific day of the week.
2.     When you listen to songs in English, pay attention to the lyrics. To be sure, find the lyrics on some music site on the Internet.
3.     Read books in English. Choose books you have already read in your native language or those that have been made into films which you have seen. This will make it easier for you to understand the plot and the content.


Required Task   31 group  
Natural disasters are extreme, sudden events caused by environmental factors that injure people and damage property. Earthquakes, windstorms, floods, and different diseases all strike anywhere on earth, often without warning. You have seen some photos of consequences of different disasters in your textbook. Here you can see some videos about disasters that have occurred around the world throughout last 100 years.
1.     Watch the video “Top 10 Infamous Natural Disasters of the Last 100 Years”.
2.     Catch the main information about the disasters.
Fill out the form given below (copy it into your copy book).
Place / Country
Type of disaster
Death toll



If you want to know more you may read the article, listen to the story and watch the photos here
It's an optional task you needn't take any notes or fill out some form.


КОЛЕГАМ ВЧИТЕЛЯМ                                                                                                       УЧНЯМ

Онлайн-курс - Вивчайте англійську: Велика хартія вольностей.
Удосконалюйте навички англійської мови вивчаючи Велику хартію вольностей - документ, який було складено 800 років тому і який значно вплинув на розвиток суспільства                                                                                     Детальніше про курс


14 листопада 2015 року у Славутичі на базі ЗОШ №3 пройшов ІІ (міський) етап Всеукраїнської учнівської олімпіади з англійської мови. З 13 заявлених від ліцею учасників 10 вибороли призові місця
Вітаємо переможців!

Увага - конкурс!
ВГ «Основа» з партнерами дає старт суперконкурсу «Народний Спікер».
Стартував конкурс "Народний спікер". Беріть участь в якості спікера чи вболівайте за своїх колег. Пробуйте свої сили! Подія буде захоплива та все закінчиться великим інтернет-марафоном. Тож хто отримає головний приз та народне визнання? Слідкуйте за подіями!


Required Task   31 group
This presentation was the integral part of last year course project-work by Ruban Tetiana. She did a great job and cooked one of described dishes. This presentation may help you to know more about British Cuisine.
Then, watch the video and see what British people think about their food themselves.
Best of British Food

Food in Britain

Required task   31 group
Watch this video and see how often Conditional sentences of different types are used in songs ... Actually they are everywhere ... If you pay some attention to them you will easily hear tem around you.
Maybe you know some songs with conditional sentences? Please, tell me if you can :) 
Work on Conditional Sentences of the third type. Here are some exercises to practice them.
Here are some songs suggested by you:


Hearty thanks to Academy of In-Service Education for this great chance to take on-line course offered by the American English Institute, University of Oregon!


Required Task  31 group
Please, review the cooking verbs that we have already learned in previous lessons because we'll need them in the next one as we are going to speak about recipes and ways of cooking different dishes.
Picture-Ways of cooking


Optional Task        31 group                                          Deadline: 15.11.15
Do a crossword or a word search
Як я організовую роботу учнів над проектами

За останні роки метод проектів настільки активно застосовується в педагогічній практиці, що для багатьох став чимось звичним і навіть повсякденним. Незважаючи на це, хочу поділитися деякими думками щодо проектної роботи на уроках англійської мови.
Я використовую метод проектів як спосіб альтернативного оцінювання, яке дає учням змогу не тільки продемонструвати рівень засвоєння навчального матеріалу, рівень розвитку своїх інтегрованих навичок, а й розвинути свої творчі здібності та вдосконалити навички пошуку, аналізу та обробки інформації.


Required Task  31 group                                Hard Deadline: 09.11.15
Ukrainian Food
Watch these videos as many times as you need to recognize all names of Ukrainian dishes and products which are mentioned in these interviews. First and second videos are the interviews of American visitors who were on Christian mission here in Ukraine so that lived and worked in Ukraine long enough to get acquainted with our national cuisine. Listen to them and write down all names of dishes or food that you can recognize. Do the same to the video about Ukrainian restaurant Kolyba.
Interview with American 1
Interview with American 2

Ukrainian restaurant Kolyba
Optional task   43 group                                  Deadline 13.11.15

We have already discussed the problem of Generation Gap and you presented your own ideas what that gap is working in groups. Some pictures helped you to do that. But, unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to listen to everyone. If you want to get some extra grade, you may write your own brief composition using one of the pictures or all of them. Just let me know that you are going to do that.
Good luck!

Учням 12 та 13 групи
На останньому уроці ви презентували свої проектні роботи "The school of my dream".
Дякую за чудову роботу, сподіваюсь, вона була захоплюючою та корисною для вас. В майбутньому вам ще не раз доведеться виступати на різних уроках з власними проектами, доповідями, презентаціями тощо.
Отже, давайте зробимо деякі висновки про те, як підготувати вдалу презентацію та виступити з нею так, щоб глядачі захоплено слухали вас від початку до кінця.


Generation Gap?
Modern generation uses its own language which is very different from their grannies one. It seems they even use their own alphabet.
How much of that alphabet do YOU use? Waiting for your replies



Piece of wisdom
It's cold and windy outdoors... There are so many tasks to do ... It seems you will never cope with them, will fail the test, will get cold soon ... The only thing that you want is a warm blanket to cover and hide yourself, escape from reality ... Don't be afraid, I know - you will cope. Just keep working


Required Task  43 group                    Hard Deadline: 06.11.2015
1. Read the text and answer the questions
Generation Gap
A Generation Gap is a popular term used to describe big differences between people of a younger generation and their elders. This can be defined as occurring when older and younger people do not understand each other because of their different experiences, opinions, habits and behavior.


My autumn holidays were great!!!
What about yours?